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La Fragata Estepona duplex top floor apartment 3bed 2bath with pool 16

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Rental Agreement La Fragata

This rental agreement is for the rental period and price as indicated on your confirmation.
Indicating the characteristic of your booking indicates that the rental period and prices correspond to the agreement. The confirmation is inseparable from the rental agreement.
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The house can accommodate 6 people. You can adjust a change in the number of persons up to the day of arrival.
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    Rental conditions

    • These General Rental Conditions apply to reservations and agreements regarding the vacation home ‘La Fragata Estepona’, Calle Puerto Alto 5, Vivienda 7.
    • In these General Rental Conditions, the term “tenant” means the person who enters into an agreement with us regarding rental of the vacation home.
    • These General Terms and Conditions shall apply regardless of your (prior) reference to any of your own terms and conditions or any other general terms and conditions. We reject all Terms and Conditions referenced or used by you.
    • Agreements differing from these General Terms and Conditions are valid only if agreed in writing.


    1. We only accept reservations from persons 25 years of age or older.
    2. After you book, you will receive a confirmation, the general rental conditions and an invoice from us within 5 days. Please check these documents for accuracy and notify us immediately of any inaccuracies. If you have not received an acknowledgment of receipt from us within 10 days of making the reservation, please contact us immediately, failing which the reservation cannot be invoked.
    3. A contract is established between you and us when we have confirmed the reservation to you. The agreement concerns the rental of the vacation home for recreational use, which by its nature is of short duration.


    1. To make your booking final, please pay 25% of the rental fee, once we receive this payment your booking is final.
      To prevent the apartment from being booked by others on any of the portals we will block the dates for you for 24 hours until we receive your deposit.
      After these 24 hours, we will release the dates again for bookings. You then run the risk that the apartment will no longer be available to you for the entire period.
      The other 75% must be paid to us 1 month before the arrival date. If your reservation is within 6 weeks before the arrival date, the booking is final upon receipt of 100% of the rent and deposit
    2. The (advance) payment should be transferred to IBAN:
      ES24 0081 0611 9900 0187 5595 in the name of F. Veldmeijer Y F.A. van Doorn or IBAN NL17INGB0000750688 in the name of F. Veldmeijer and/or F.A. Veldmeijer-van Doorn stating the invoice or booking number.
    3. By paying an installment of the rental fee or the entire rental fee, you confirm that you have read and agree to the general rental conditions. The rental ends automatically after the expiration of the agreed period.
    4. If the rental fee is not paid on time you will be in default immediately after the deadline for payment. In this case, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and rescind the contract.


    1. The deposit is €200.00. The security deposit serves to guarantee damage and/or costs – in the broadest sense of the word – that we may suffer in the event of non-compliance with the tenant’s obligations as a good tenant and the person(s) accompanying the tenant.
    2. The deposit must be paid together with the first deposit of the rental fee. In case the deposit is not paid, we are entitled to deny the tenant access to the vacation rental. Furthermore, if you default on payment of the deposit, we are entitled to dissolve the contract with immediate effect.
    3. The security deposit or any balance thereof will be refunded after settlement of claims (damage to inventory/vacation and/or other costs) from us to the tenant within 7 days of departure. Any (further) claims for damages shall not be extinguished by this refund.

    Key receipt

    1. The tenant will receive the details of our key manager by email or text message no later than one week before the arrival date and after payment of the full invoice amount. The key to the cottage will be provided to the tenant on loan by the key manager on our behalf upon arrival. The key remains our property. In case of loss, theft or any other way of losing the key, the renter will owe a fee of €100.
    2. All costs incurred due to your failure to deliver the property on time will be recovered from you. Goods found after your departure will be kept for you for a reasonable period of time, but we take no responsibility for them. Return shipping is possible (at your expense).
    3. If the tenant and/or other users have locked themselves out of the vacation home, €25.00 will be charged. This will be deducted from the refund of the deposit. For verification purposes, we ask the tenant to identify themselves before handing over the copy key.


    Cancellation by the tenant must always be made in writing (by mail or email). The following rules apply to this:

    • Deposits will not be returned upon cancellation.
    • If cancelled up to 42 days before the day of arrival, 25% of the rent will be charged.
    • If cancelled up to 28 days before the day of arrival, 50% of the rental fee will be charged
    • In case of cancellation from 28 days to the day of arrival, 100% of the rent is due.
    • If you have not arrived within 24 hours of the agreed date without further notice, this is considered a cancellation and 100% of the rental fee is due.
    • In case of cancellation on our part, any monies already paid will be refunded.

    Staying in the vacation home

    • On the day of arrival, you can basically use the vacation home from 16:00. On the day of departure, you must have left the cottage by 11:00 am.
    • The vacation home is non-smoking. Smoking is allowed outside on the terrace provided one uses an ashtray.
    • No open flame should be used outside.
    • Bringing pets is not allowed.
    • At the pool there is a sign with the Community rules for use of the common pool.
    • The main rules for the pool are : open between 09.00 and 21.00, no glassware and food allowed at the pool area
    • The rental price does not include final cleaning (you pay this to the key manager upon arrival)
    • The rental fee includes towels, kitchen towels and bed linens.
    • The use of air conditioning, water and electricity is included, but we ask that you use them sparingly.
    • Subletting or reletting is expressly prohibited.
    • Staying more persons in a vacation home than agreed upon on the reservation, or than the maximum of 6 persons applicable to the home is expressly not allowed without our permission, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. This may result in early termination of the rental agreement on our part, without refund of rental fees.
    • Moving couches, cabinets, as well as sound or television equipment or taking any part of the indoor inventory -except, of course, dishes, glasses and cutlery for your meal outside- is expressly not allowed.

    Liability/ complaints/ damages

    1. The tenant and other users are fully liable during the relevant rental period in the rented vacation home for all damage caused to the house, its inventory and all items belonging to the rented object, unless the tenant and other users can make it plausible that the damage cannot be attributed to them. We therefore recommend that you inspect the vacation home and its inventory carefully upon arrival for defects and deficiencies. If you notice any damage or defects, please report them to us immediately.
    2. We accept no liability for theft, loss or damage of or to property or persons of any kind during or as a result of the stay in the vacation rental. We accept no liability for nuisance from construction activities on the access and main roads and in the immediate vicinity of the rented vacation home as these are beyond our control. We accept no liability in the event of failure or malfunction of technical equipment, utilities, Internet not working or partially not working.
    3. The cost of normal maintenance and repair of defects shall be borne by us. If defects occur, Tenant must notify us immediately and follow our instructions to the extent possible. Any expenses incurred by Tenant in this regard will be reimbursed by us to Tenant upon submission of itemized bills.
    4. The cottage has an internet connection (wireless) that the tenant can use. The tenant is responsible and liable for their own internet usage and if any fines are imposed (e.g. illegal streaming), these will be passed on to the tenant. The personal data of tenant/offender will be disclosed upon the request of authorities/copyright holder(s). All, by Landlord, costs to be incurred in connection with such breach will be recovered from Tenant.
    5. Should you wish to file a complaint, it must be submitted to us in writing and with reasons within 14 days of leaving the vacation rental.

    Departure and final cleaning

    People in Spain also do waste separation. The tenant must ensure waste separation as indicated on the waste containers. These are located about 50 meters from the main entrance. The vacation home should be left in the following manner:

    • Leaving the house swept clean
    • Everything washed clean, dried and placed back in the cabinets
    • Comforter covers and linens by the stairs below
    • Leaving dishwasher and refrigerator clean and empty
    • Do not leave (perishable) food in the cupboards. Leaving longer-lasting items for subsequent guests is fine, often a base is already provided with coffee, tea, sugar, pepper and salt.
    • Garden cushions please put inside
    • The garbage cans emptied
    • Report any breakage and/or damage to the landlord or key manager.

    Applicable law

    All these conditions and provisions of the rental agreement/house rules as well as any disputes arising therefrom are governed exclusively by Dutch law.


    Landlord contact information:

    Fred & Fanny Veldmeijer
    Karbouwstraat 1, 1338 JD Almere
    P/a Calle Puerto Alto 5 Vivienda 7
    29680 Estepona
    Malaga / Espana

    Fred Veldmeijer : 06 55918289
    Fanny Veldmeijer: 06 30331746

    You will receive the details of the key manager no later than 1 week before arrival. This one lives in Estepona and will receive you personally upon arrival.

    Fanny Veldmeijer
    Date: 21/05/2024
    sign Fanny
    Date: 21/05/2024
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