Virgin of Carmen

On July 16, the Maritime Procession is celebrated by land and sea in honor of Our Lady of Carmen, patron saint of Estepona. The procession, one of the most deeply rooted traditions in Estepona, starts from the church of Our Lady of Carmen and continues along the Paseo Marítimo, where two crowds wait, one of tourists and devout Esteponeros on the coast. And another of all the boats sizes decorated for the occasion, coming to receive the Virgin, all in an atmosphere of joy and celebration. The head of the procession enters the water until the bearers of the statue feel their bodies and clothes under the sea while singing “La Salve Marinera.” Then they lift the Virgin and put her on a boat. The Lady of Carmen continues her procession by sea, followed by all the ships full of people and sailors, who, under cheers and sirens, come to accompany their patron on her journey through the waters of Estepona. Once back on land, he continues his journey along the Paseo Marítimo until he settles back in his hermitage, waiting for the July 16 arrival of the following year to walk among the people again.