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In Estepona you can vacation just fine without a car. Public transportation is also excellent.

If you want smooth and comfortable transportation between Malaga Airport and Estepona, we have an excellent partner.
Neatly priced, a comfortable car, reliable, safe and fully legal and insured.

Here you can directly request your transfer Malaga-Estepona and/or Estepona-Malaga.
Confirmed personally within 24 hours.


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Estepona ❤ Instagrammer’s Paradise

  I adored the décor of this charming former Andalusian fisherman's cottage as soon as I walked in - an instagrammer's paradise!
The house was a cross between a super-stylish Elle Decor cover and staying in a super-comfortable, cosy "home-from-home."
I adored the décor of this charming former Andalusian fisherman’s cottage as soon as I walked in – an instagrammer’s paradise!
The house was a cross between a super-stylish Elle Decor cover and staying in a super-comfortable, cosy “home-from-home.”
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Want to see this Hidden Gem in Estepeona? @VisitEstepona #VisitEstepona

Climate and weather in Estepona

Estepona is located in a fertile valley at the foot of the Bermejo Mountains. This place has about 325 days of sunshine per year, significantly above the average for the region. Estepona is not known as the garden of the Costa del Sol for nothing. You can see it at the 1st traffic circle, a wealth of jasmine and orange blossoms, parks and green walkways filled with flowers and palm trees.

Due to its unique location in the valley with the shelter of a real mountain range up to almost 1500 meters, Estepona has its own special micro-climate. It is greener and sunnier than anywhere else on the Costa del Sol.

The town of Estepona has it all, sun and sea, port, beautiful beaches hiking in the mountains, art & culture, architecture, gastronomy.

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Our first day in Estepona was pretty grey and rainy but the town still looks gorgeous in the rain 😍 I mentioned some of my favorite streets in my post yesterday (check it out if you missed it) and this is one I mentioned – Calle San Antonio. I love this street for the glimpse of the church tower 😁 ✨ This church is known in full as “Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios” or in English, “Parish Church of Our Lady of Remedies. Our lady of remedies is a title of the Virgin Mary (she has a fair few tbh) and other places with a church of the same name include Cholula in Mexico, Olutanga Island in the Philippines, Estremera in Spain and there is even a similarly named church (with gorgeous architecture actually, I looked it up 😆) on Saipan, one of the Northern Mariana Islands. ✨ I also wanted to mention some of my favorite food and drink spots in Estepona too 😋 since one was on this very street! Save this post for food and drink recs when you visit 😉 🥘 Darcy’s Delicatessen – delicious tapas! The owners are lovely and they also have great wine too. 🥘 La Casa de Mi Abuela – amazing steakhouse! Huge portions, good value for money and delicious Argentinian steaks 😋 ☕️ Café de Theresa – great coffee and delicious toasts. The other dishes looked great too! Run by a lovely Dutch lady 😁 ☕️ Pastelería Honore – French style patisserie offering delicious pastries and cakes! Also they have excellent coffee 👌🏼 🍰 Granier – great spot for cake and/or a bocadillo (sandwich). The cherry cake was so good 😋 🍺 Lío Beach – nice beachfront bar. Cheap caña (small beer) 🍻 🍸 Manila Cafe Bar – great cocktails!!! The Espresso Martini was great and @robert.blackburn recommends the mojito 😁 ✨ There are a few other places on my list for our next visit 😎 so if you’ve been to Estepona, let me know where else we should go! ✨ Do you like to try lots of different restaurants and cafes when you travel? Or do you try to keep to more of a budget and cook in your hostel or apartment if you can? ✨ #TFGinSpain #andalucia_turismo #estepona #topspainphoto #villages #kings_villages.

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Bike rental in Estepona

What is a Dutchman doing in Estepona? Who rents a bicycle. And you can also do that in Estepona, right in the center you will find Costa Bike, Eco&Bike, among others. Also a tip if you get a Benidorm bastard visiting, we rent a Mobility scooter.

Explore the #SendaLiteroral both left and right and share your best photos with us #VisiteEstepona and @CostaBike or @ecoandbike on Instagram

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Nice marketing 🌺#esteponaspain

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5***** in Estepona

Spain’s first five-star all-inclusive hotel with 411 rooms in 7 buildings . Greek hotel chain Ikos opens its 1st hotel in Spain: in our Estepona.

Funny though that they already have so many reviews. It is still finished.

Estepona measures over 20 kilometers along the coast and this location is 10 kilometers from charming Estepona OldTown.

The beach on the visualization looks slightly different from the beach on site. Rather, it is located in San Pedro / Nueva Andalusia…: A brisk walk along the magnificent SendaLitoral or at least 15 minutes by car which you wouldn’t need in Estepona itself – also not really easy to park anywhere during vacation time.

Then let it be an exceptionally good hotel.

Please: please like the only All inclusive resort in Estepona 😉 because for us, we don’t need that.

Tip for best car rental Estepona Malaga

If you want to rent a car at Malaga airport: look no further.

With connecting flight times – also check the avanza bus. This is an excellent fast and inexpensive way to get from Malaga to Estepona. But not at any time of day.

Rather rent a car from Malaga to Estepona?

Good experience 2022: Pick up in Malaga and if you want you can return in Estepona Puerto.
Ideal if you need the car for transportation from airport to Estepona and, for example, the first groceries. Convenient if you don’t actually need a car otherwise.

In 2020 good experiences with but last time the car was not available – so telephone contact is recommended.

Senda Litoral Estepona longer again!

Soon another new section that allows you to walk 10 kilometers along the coast in Estepona. With the implementation of this new stretch on the Senda Litoral de Estepona, which connects the Laguna Village shopping center with Dominion Beach, we can go from the city center to the Guadalmansa River. The longest yet, at 870 meters long and 3.5 meters wide. The project also includes the construction of a printed concrete walkway (417 meters), two wooden walkways (125 meters and 326 meters) and two bridges, one of 20 meters and one of 30 meters to cross the Castor River. In addition, landscaped areas will be created and new lighting and street furniture will be installed. Once the work is completed, a half marathon to the new Athletics Stadium is on the cards!

You can already stroll along the Senda Litoral in Estepona, most of it lit up at night.

Walking from the eastern end of the promenade of Paseo Maritimo to the open-air museum in Playa del Angel was already possible, this walk has now been extended.

For this longer walk, you can now walk all the way from Playa del Cristo through the marina, along the beautiful promenade, to the promenade that goes all the way around from the end of the paved Paseo Maritimo promenade until it ends at the statue museum at the Playa del Angel. It is a nice stretch and the hike now continues.

Walk along the Playa del Angel and then turn left among the orange trees. You come to a pedestrian bridge. As you cross, note the old water wheel and 19th-century aqueduct, remnants of the time when sugar cane grew and needed irrigation.

After the footbridge, follow the yellow stone footpath, turn right again toward the sea and finally back along the coast.

You will pass a number of beautiful residential complexes and the Kempinski hotel, along a very attractive section of lawn and gardens to Playa del Padron, via the new pedestrian bridge over the Padron River, at the cozy beach clubs, bars, restaurants and Laguna Beach and stores.

This entire stretch from Playa del Cristo to Playa del Padron takes almost 2 hours.

85% of the entire route will be completed by 2020 – Around Estepona you can already walk it completely!

Check the complete route and progress on the interactive map of the Senda Litoral

“Adventurous” hiking in Estepona

Visit Estepona panoramaview hiking

Breathtaking views with a spicy adventure edge

So, we want to go out for a hike. Sunny Saturday, no clouds at all. 16 degrees but a feeling of 22, a blessing for a Dutchie in November!

Picked a route on routeyou on walking distance, because we still did not find any reason to hire a car during our stay in Estepona. This means the walking from Old town to our starting point and vice versa is not included in the 9 km we chose. All-in it was about 14 kilometers.

Nice start, walking on the bridge going over the highway. Seeing Estepona from above. Walking away with the routeyou app, finding our way easily at the beginning. Soon the path seemed to lead through someone’s property, normally we would not go further, but because the routeyou app shows it so clearly, we continue. After a while the path is just a very narrow flattened bamboo, right next a high fence. Doesn’t look like a walking path at all, but hey? Let´s move on.

Later on, it really looks like someone’s garden, now also some barking dogs are involved. We had to open a fenced gate quickly before the dogs run down the hill, where we also spot a not so amused youngster, to find another amateurish fence a few steps further, now closed with a rope. We decide to untie and tie the rope after us, walk further although it does feel like we are on private property.

Maybe we were lucky and the rope means we just got out.
We arrive in some kind of bamboo jungle and see nice waters and runlets. About halfway through our route suddenly changes to a real climbing adventure. Not a path, not suited for anyone at all… Through stinging branches we follow the ¨route¨ which feels like a puzzle and a machete would have come in handy… Because we’ve got some fresh holes in our clothing.
On one point we had to climb via a big and slippery rock, well, were we still on track? What fool made this route?

Visit Estepona hiking Arroyo de la Cala

After a few steep climbs and descends, we get blown away with stunning views to Gibraltar &Morocco.

So, we feel like we would never have done this route if we had known what was to come, but we are grateful for not giving up, and relieved to see the bridge where we started.
Curious about this route? Don´t say we did not warn you, you can get lost, hurt, perhaps both. But: some spots are accessible by car, so you could just do a more convenient part of this route.

VisitEstepona hiking 1

Estepona Walking Gibraltar view
Magnificent views of Gibraltar and Morocco

Here is the link. Or PDF From the old city center: 14.5 km about 4 hours