Carting in Estepona

Kart & Fun Estepona

Are you on vacation in Estepona and feel like going go-karting?

The new KART & FUN circuit is located next to the fairgrounds of Estepona and lets you enjoy the emotions of the best karting without leaving the Costa del Sol.

With 1160 meters of track and a minimum width of 8 meters, Kart & Fun Estepona is worth a visit.

Carting in Estepona

Karting in Estepona with groups or children

The kart track in Estepona is specially designed for group racing, you can step into the shoes of a real Formula 1 driver Enjoy competing with rivals or breaking your own record. All of our sessions are timed and we have lighting, so you can continue to enjoy when the sun goes down.

And little ones can ride on our kids’ kart track starting at age 6 or enjoy our spectacular two-seat karts with their parents.

Our qualified team will always monitor your presence on the track, so you and your companions only have to worry about two things: accelerating and enjoying yourself to the fullest.

Took the kids and raced there…. Had a great time… The carts are very good and the track is a nice challenge with many corners and hairpin turns…. We paid just over 100 euros for 3 people to each do 2 races which amounts to less than 20 euros per race which is reasonable. I likes the management of the races too. Very safe and proper for kart races as they are fast and some more experienced drivers kind if go very fast.

Carting in Estepona rates

Good instructions formed by two circuits, one for the little ones and the second for the rest. The treatment of the staff is very professional and they take good care of security. They have cars for the little ones, for tandem and the standard for the rest. Ideal for spending time with family and groups.

Reservations by phone: 951 13 69 18
Emails: /

How to get to the Kart track in Estepona?

Exit 155 A-7. Next to gas station GALP.

29680 Estepona. SPAIN.

Coordinates: 36.434894, -5.161569.

Great karts, great track, happy kids, heartbroken parents. All in all, fun. Money well spent on a very enjoyable experience.

Kart & Fun Kart track Estepona
Official importer PAROLIN in Spain. Official TONY KART distributor in Andalusia.

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